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It started simply, a text game based on the worlds of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. But, nothing ever goes according to plan. With no control over the direction of global events things soon took a turn for the worse. New villains and new surprises from every end of the time line began to appear and their actions brought with them unforeseen consequences. The world was destroyed...

Now, after a major rethinking and rebuilding, Chrono MUCK returns. The remains of the shattered timelines have fused various areas and times together. As the citizens of the world began to rebuild an ominous tower appeared, within it the cause of the destruction. Can the order of time be restored? Can this new threat be vanquished? Only the players can decide.

We welcome everyone with a desire for good role play to join us. With the merger of the timelines anyone can be applied for, and from any point in time. The setting gives a unique opportunity to re-write events and create entirely new scenarios. If you've ever written a short story before, you're more than experienced enough to enjoy what we have to offer. Join us, won't you? The fate of the world depends on it...

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