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Twisted MUCK

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Welcome travelers...

Twisted MUCK

Contained herein are the collected logs, stories, and messages pertaining to the online role playing game Twisted MUCK. This way it's tales can be preserved across the vast expanse of time to aid, or hinder, those who seek it's knowledge. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/2dQ3JU

Heh-heh-heh. LJ-cut.

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Finishing up with her chat with Lucas, Sun checks in on Tabitha to find her brandishing a knife and cutting herself. Don't worry, it's not an after school special or a cry for attention.

Cheaper Than Hair Dye

Sun's Apartment - Bedroom

Staring at the ceiling with a face full of worry, Tabitha lays on Sun's bed, the Dread Dagger clutched tightly in one hand. She can't help but think of Lucas and Sun in the next room and worry is eating away at her. She's a guest in her house and because of her Sun hasn't had a moment of peace. The other personalities, her own baggage, etc... She needs to work up the courage and at least leave but there's only one way to safely do that and not be recognized.
Her grip on the dagger tightening, she swings the dagger through the air and into her leg violently. Gritting her teeth from the pain she concentrates and her body begins to change. Her hair changes to blonde and grows longer. Her arms and legs get longer and age creases its way onto her face. Within seconds she looks like a different person, but still has her tale-tail ears and tail. Ripping out the dagger from her leg, Tabitha sits up to look at herself. Worry creeps back onto the girl's features. "This just ain't good enough..." She readies the dagger again.

Tabitha probably didn't hear the door opening, and considering the circumstances, she probably can't see that Sun is standing there, watching the transformation with a frown and pale skin. That CAN'T be comfortable. "What are you doing?" Sun slips in as Tabby sits up, closing the door behind her -- Lucas is gone, but closed doors always tend to make situations like this feel better. "And WHY, for that matter?"
The dragoness is wingless and tailless at the moment, since it seems to allow her more space within the confines of the apartment.

*STAB* Having laid back down again to make the stabbing more comfortable, the girl yelps loudly as she's suddenly spoken to when she thought she was alone. Jerking up into a sitting position again, but with her eyes still locked on Sun, she inadvertently copies her. All the way down to the tattoos Sun is now straddling the head of her bed starring in shock at herself. Or is that vice-versa?
"OH! OH GOD! UH... It's not what it looks like!" The girl looks down and yanks the dagger out of her leg sending a small spray of blackness into the air. Whatever it is, it vanishes like shadows instead of staining the bed like blood. The wound is jet-black as well, darker than the blade pulled from it, and in seconds a netting starts to form overtop of it. During the next minute it solidifies and slowly starts to fade away without even a scar to show for it on her leg.
Realizing the stupidity of her statement, Tabitha closes her eyes and curses herself before reopening them and explaining. "I-I'm sorry. I just felt like-I mean I need ta..." She closes her eyes again, taking a deep breath before continuing. It's worth nothing that even her voice sounds like Sun's at the moment. "I know sooner or later I need ta leave, I know I'm a bit of a handful at th' moment. I just thought if maybe I could look like someone else I might be able ta leave without having to worry about running into Senior Diablo." The fake dragon girl exhales deeply and hugs her knees tightly as a blush creeps over her face. "Plus, after this mornin' and all..."

The dragoness watches with raised brows as Tabitha is suddenly...her. Blinking a few times, she shifts off to one side...and her wings and tail suddenly pop into existence. So she knows that she is herself, or something like that. Surprisingly, however, she takes it quite well in stride, moving over to the bed and settling down at the foot of it. "It's okay." When she speaks, her voice is gentle, almost motherly, and one hand reaches out to touch her doppleganger's knee. "Don't worry. It's okay."
The dragoness tilts her head to one side, glancing down to the fading wound on Tabitha's leg, before looking back up to her...to /Tabby's/ face. That's weird. "You don't have to leave, you're ALWAYS welcome in my home." She pauses, looking thoughtful. "I think I might need to request a house, though, to accomodate. What do you think?" She smiles faintly. "How would you like your own room, your own space away from that fucking douchenozzle Senior Diablo?"
The fucking douchnozzle she needs to have a talk with, no less.

Tabitha was doing fine until her knee got touched, and then her eyes started watering. Damn drama. She fights hard not to blink, hoping to hold back the waterworks a moment longer. The request makes her nod, however. "That would be nice." The girl then does something unexpected. She snorts as she both laughs and cries suddenly at the same time. "Douchenozzle?!? Really?"

A smile spreads across Sun's face. "Then...I guess change back to normal, if that's not too much trouble, and we can go get that done. They're very helpful down in the lobby." She blinks at the laugh and cry. "Yup. Douchnozzle. He lied to you about me. I don't like that. That is a douchenozzle move. So Senior Diablo is a total fuckin' douchenozzle." She nods sagely, as if that makes 100% perfect sense.

The girl giggles once again as she dries her eyes on the back of one arm. With a nod she pushes one leg out and plunges the dagger into it quickly. She should have thought about that first. With grunt of pain through gritted teeth the dagger does it's work quickly and the girl is back to normal save for the hole in her pants she makes when she yanks the dagger back out. Dropping it onto the bed the girl grabs the wound and rubs at it as it begins to fade. "Owwwwww... It's not fair. How th' heck does the little one do this without stabbin' herself?" Her words nag in the back of her mind at just how easy she's accepted having someone else in her body that she'd make a comment about it not being her at the time.

"I might be able to teach you how to do it. I can shapeshift, too." She suddenly stands up on the bed, her wings suddenly folding around herself in an almost egg shape...then, they slowly become transparent, and suddenly, a version of Serenity with Sun's scale patterns is floating there at the foot of the bed, doing small flips in the water bubble. Even the wintergreen scent in the water is there. "First time, did I do it right?" This would probably mess with the Mollusc. A fin is even spread out, waved in the water, then withdrawn.

Tabitha stares wide-eyed. "That's creepy, and you should never, ever, do that again. " Shaking her head, as if to clear away the image, Tabitha shrugs at the offer. "I thought something that elaborate couldn't be taught?" She frowns again remembering what she'd only just complained about. "I mean... Yeah. If there's a way I'd love ta know how to do it." Reluctantly she adds, "...an' yeah. You did really well. Too well." She'll never admit it, but every time she looks at Serenity she ponders what she might taste like. Seeing Sun like this just makes it all the more uncomfortable.

A few more tests of the fins...then, the water slowly becomes wings again, and when those disappear, Sun is back to normal. "Keep a secret? I've always wondered what Serenity would taste like. I like sushi." She smirks. "Don't EVER tell Serenity that I said that, though." At least Tabby isn't the only one. "Anyhow, why don't we go get us a house? You'll be surprised how quick they work, it's pretty awesome."

The girl snerks at the statement. "Your secret is safe with me." Only to follow it up with an answer to the question, "Sure!" Her mind screams at her to say no, to not put her out like this, to run for the hills. But at least for the moment it's /her/ voice and not one of the others who've occupied so much of it lately. She's still reluctant even as she stands, procrastinating long enough to adjust her jacket only to frown and remember that all she really has right now is her dagger. With a heavy sigh she picks it up and sheathes it tilting her head at Sun. "Y'know, as soon as we can I probably need ta look into clothes. I'm not sure where I get these from when I do that but it's probably not a good thing ta keep abusing."

"We can do clothes, definitely. There's a nice shop down the road, I'm sure we can get you some cute stuff." Sun chuckles, jerking her head toward the door. "Let's get you a bedroom of your own first, though. Think about what you want it to look like. I think I'm going to get a big room, so I can sleep in my natural form." She chuckles. "As a plus, if I sleep in dragon form, I am always very warm, so you are welcome to curl up on me when it's chilly." Because cats always like warm things.

Tabitha stops mid-stride to ponder that. "What'dya mean what I want it to look like?" She looks around at Sun's room a moment and shakes her head, "I don't need anything. Just a place to lay and a corner ta throw my stuff in." She shrugs shoving her hands in her pants pockets. "I mean, why? Do I need somethin' else?" Clearly she's been living like this for too long.

"Think past what you need, and into what you WANT. Think of your dream bedroom, with a comfy bed and places to put all of your new clothes and a mirror to fix your hair in...or whatever. Wall art, windows, whatever you like. And no stuff in corners in my house, we use drawers and closets." She grins, pausing at the living room to grab a home decoration magazine, handing it to Tabby. "Look through that for some ideas, maybe?"

Sitting back down on the bed the girl takes the magazine and stares at it, flipping a few pages before looking back up at Sun with an eyebrow raised. "Why do you have this just layin' around?" Hardly waiting for a response, Tabitha goes back to flipping through the pages aghast that anyone would want half of this stuff. Getting to the end after a minute or two, the girl just shakes her head as she stands back up. "I'm not a little kid. I don't need toys or bunk beds or whatever. If you want me to have a drawer or whatever fine, but..." She tosses the magazine down and gestures towards it. "I just... I dunno." Another shrug. "I don't think I've ever had anythin' like that, and I don't get what'cha need it for. I c'n brush my hair in th' bathroom an' I don't really look at art." The girl frowns comically. "Tell ya what. Surprise me. Go crazy."

"Eh, I was thinking of doing this anyhow, and I wanted a few ideas for the bed corner." Bed corner? Sounds like she has interesting ideas. "I can do that...I bet you'll like it! But at least tell me a color preference. If not, I'm going to give you hot pink walls." Sun grins, reaching out to pat Tabby on the head. "How about this. You take a shower, get your pants all nice and cleaned up, and I'll come get you when the house is ready, okay?"

Tabitha sweatdrops heavily at the suggestion, looking down at herself, and then to the bathroom door. "...a shower?" She's floored by that suggestion. So much so that everything else is temporarily lost to her. "But I... I mean... I-uh alright." Paranoia creeps in. Does she smell or something? She took a shower when she got up this morning and save for a nap and some food she hasn't done anything but... Nope, she's totally paranoid now. "Uh, I... Sure. I'll see you... afterwards." The girl frowns as she makes her way towards the bathroom door. It'll be at least a few minutes before she remembers that pink wall threat.

"It'll make you feel better, promise. Nothing like a hot shower." Doesn't seem like Sun meant it badly. "I'll be back faster than you could think possible!"
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