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Twisted MUCK

Morning finally comes. Tabitha is introduced to this thing we call…

Welcome travelers...

Twisted MUCK

Contained herein are the collected logs, stories, and messages pertaining to the online role playing game Twisted MUCK. This way it's tales can be preserved across the vast expanse of time to aid, or hinder, those who seek it's knowledge. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/2dQ3JU

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Morning finally comes. Tabitha is introduced to this thing we call breakfast and eventually Sun and Lucas get some quality time alone to talk.

Breakfast Time!

It's been an...eventful morning. Sun is still a little rosy cheeked, embarrassed by her habit of snuggling anyone or anything near enough to her when she's asleep; as a result, the dragoness is in the kitchen, quietly making up some breakfast. Pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, and sausage is on the menu, and as usual, Sun is making enough to feed a small army. Either she expects to feed multiple people, or she just has a big appetite. Possibly the latter.

After Sun's little outburst the other night, Lucas had decided that maybe he should check on her, and make sure she wasn't buried up to her neck in too-much-to-handle. He didn't really have much of a relationship with her, so for her to go off on him like that, he figured she was probably under a lot of stress. Most people would want nothing to do with someone that yelled at them like that, but Lucas isn't easily upset - he figures life is too short to let stuff weigh him down.
So it is that, once it's a reasonable hour, Lucas comes knocking at Sun's door. He remembers the way from when he walked her home, and even though he's blind, he gets around just fine. There are quite a few people who haven't even noticed he's blind yet, so he probably doesn't really need much sympathy.
As he stands around after the knock, he stuffs his hands in his hoodie's pockets, because... well... that's what he does. Jeans, hoodie, black shirt under the hoodie, bright red sneakers. Yup. Fashionable.

Blinking a few times, the dragoness clears the griddle of the now-cooked pancakes. "Just a second!" She wipes down the surface, before turning and moving over to the door with a quizzical expression upon her face. "Who could that be..." She glances toward the bedroom, pausing to slip it shut so Tabitha can avoid any further embarassment this morning. Then, she slinks over to the door, looking through the peep hole...
Upon spotting Lucas on the other side of the door, she blinks a few times, and opens the door to stare at him, almost in disbelief for a moment. Then, she clears her throat. "Oh, hi, Lucas..." She frowns slightly, glancing toward the floor with red cheeks.

When Sun answers the door, Lucas pulls his hand out of his right pocket and waves. It starts out enthusiastic, but Sun's reaction seems to make him think he's not wanted, because his wave slows down as she speaks, and his face, which was polite and cheery enough that one might assume that he'd neither turned her down nor gotten yelled at, sort of falls just a little, to more of a neutral thing.
"Mornin... Ah..." It seems like he had something rehearsed that he was going to say, but he quickly stumbles to something more awkward and geared toward leaving her alone. "Just had a mind t'check on ya, didn't mean t'ruin... ah, um... y'know, just... Sorry t'bother ya." And just like that, he's turnin to go. Well. That went well.

The dragoness blinks a few times, then reaches out to grab his arm gently. "No no, don't go...I made some breakfast, and there's more than enough to go around. Come in!" She doesn't really give him any option to refuse her offer, considering she's all but dragging him into the apartment as she says that. "There's bacon and sausage and pancakes and eggs!" She pauses. "I, uh, sorry for going off on you..."

A click from the back of the room and the bedroom door opens up. Tabitha steps out looking as she always does, save for a towel wrapped around her head. One pants leg has a fist-sized hold in it revealing a large black scab near her thigh that seems to be fading away? Weird. The girl takes one look at Sun dragging a man into the door, blushes, and quickly looks back towards the bedroom door pondering running away. "Ummm.. Do I need ta leave? I c'n leave."

With a blink, Lucas looks over Sun as she insists that he come in, and glances inside for a moment, noting Tabitha. "Ah. Y'sure it's not a bad time? Y'look 'bout as nervous as a long-tailed cat in room full 'o..." He pauses, glancing at Tabitha for a moment again, and recognizing her for a moment, so decides not to finish that. A half-second later, as if he was just processing it all now.
"Did you say pancakes? Well, s'pose I could stay for a /little/ while." Yes, it is such a favor, eating someone's food for them.

"No no, Tabby, you're fine! This is Lucas. He's a nice guy. He's going to help us eat the very large breakfast I have been cooking." Sun closes the door behind him, and after gently squeezing his shoulder, she returns to the kitchen. "It's /fine/, we will have a nice breakfast and not have a bad time of it at all, okay?" She nods sagely, cracking a few more eggs onto the griddle, a few extra slices of bacon, and some more pancakes.
Yeah, that large amount of food is mostly for her.

Tabitha is left standing across from Lucas as Sun runs off. Forcing a smile she waves weakly at the blind man and comments, "Yo. We meet again...?" Unsure of what else to add the catgirl finishes drying her hair and frowns realizing she doesn't have a hairbrush. She glances nervously at Sun but decides against asking to borrow anything else, instead trying to pull her hair back at least until it's out of her face. Well, this day is going to be full of awkward moments isn't it?

"Well, if you're insistin, I'm not gonna turn y'down." Lucas smiles at how things turned around, and still doesn't even acknowledge that Sun did yell at him, rather happy to be offered pancakes and bacon. "Sides, it's rude to turn down a meal, I reckon." He reckons?
After a moment longer, he glances back to Tabitha. When she says they meet again, he looks puzzled, and then blinks and smacks a fist into his hand like a judge's gavel onto a bar. "Ah, it's you! Well, I haven't seen you in a month o' Sundays!" ... Something must've gotten lost in translation, there. "How've you been?" ... He must not process that she's the one having the rough time. Then again, Tabitha doesn't exactly look like a barstool. ... Long story.

The dragoness continues to cook, delicious smells wafting through the apartment. "If you need a brush, Tabby, there's one on the bathroom counter. You're welcome to it." Not like she really needs it much these days. "It'll just be a few minutes, sorry to leave you both hanging out there!" She does one more batch of the breakfast after taking the cooked items off. "Hope you guys don't mind eggs with runny yolks..."

Tabitha starts to open her mouth to respond to Lucas's question when Sun cuts her off mentioning a brush. Grinning fangedly the girl darts back into the bedroom with a brief, "One sec!" Coming out moments later STILL not looking like a barstool but very much like she always does. "...sorry." She grins again until replaying the question in her mind. "Um. Strange. My life has been very strange lately." With a frown creeping across her mouth the girl asks, "You've been better, I hope?" Only half interested in his response she casts her gaze to the kitchen, raising an eyebrow at the mass food preparation. At least until her eyes fall on Sun and the girl is forced to avert her gaze to the floor and blush briefly.

"Strange, huh? Guess I can relate t'that." Lucas offers Tabitha a small smile, and then notices the way she blushes after glancing at Sun, and his smile grows a little bit. "I been pretty good, thanks for askin." He stretches his arms out behind him. "Was just stoppin by to check on Sun, she said some stuff 'bout her daughter bein scared or in danger or somethin, and she sounded pretty stressed. Guess she's got things under control, though." Yes, because if you can make breakfast, clearly things are under control.
"Didn't know she had a girlfriend over, sorry for bargin in."

Well, if Tabitha wasn't blushing before she certainly is now. The girl immediately jerks her gaze directly at Lucas with a combination of horror and disgust. "GIRLFRIEND?!?" She glances over at Sun ever so briefly and then back to Lucas again, her brain currently broken by the concept alone. "Ugh! No! Never! No way!!" What she misses in context she makes up for in irony. Just walking away from the conversation all together, the girl takes a seat at the table so she can spy on Sun as she cooks. "...ugh... Well, it smells good! Did... Uh... did you plan on someone coming over this mornin'?" That thought makes her blush again.

Lucas shuffles his feet a bit and sticks his hands back into his hoodie's pockets. It's a kind of 'bad habit', but at least he doesn't have his hood up indoors. He should probably take the damn thing off though - he's got a shirt on underneath, what's his problem?
At Tabitha's reaction, he shrugs a bit, looking embarrassed, but doesn't sound it when he speaks up. "Sorry, must've misread... ah, nevermind. Just tryin to apologize for bein a third wheel - but can y'blame me for wantin pancakes? I mean, mm." ... Well put.
"Smell's got me hungry already - I could eat the north end of a south-bound poleca--..." He pauses again, remembering Tabitha's cat ears. "... I mean I'm anxious to have some." ...Not the smoothest save.

The dragoness finally comes from the kitchen, smiling. "No, not my girlfriend. More like...kinda sorta my daughter?" Sun would probably be a good waitress, considering the fact that a large plate of pancakes, another large plate of eggs, and a large place of bacon and sausage, are all set down at once. That tail is pretty helpful in that endeavor, with its near prehensile capabilities. Settling in, she claps her hands together. "Let's eat!"

Well, Lucas is lucky. Tabitha has no idea what expressions he's cutting himself off with. With wide eyes on the food she ooooh's quietly. However instead of eating, the girl stops and stares with an expression of worry. "I... uh..." Blink. "Huh." Pancakes. Eggs. Bacon. Things she can identify but for the life of her, "I don't think I've ever had any o' this before." She looks to Sun in confusion again, "Is that weird? Shouldn't I have 'ad /breakfast/ once before?" It's true, actually. This girl has never seen or eaten breakfast foods before. Grabbing a fork she takes a cautious bite. Well, at least it tastes good - at least that's what her suddenly swishing tail directly implies.

It isn't until Sun 'introduces' Tabitha that it clicks for Lucas. He blinks and looks at Tabitha with raised eyebrows and wide eyes. "You're 'Barstool'!? Well, ain't that a kick in the pants? I thought she meant... y'know, a little girl!" ...Go back to the part where her name is Barstool?
"Ah, well, that explains at least three kindsa confusion I had." He pauses, looks at the food as it approaches, and then realizes he hasn't taken a seat yet. There is practically a blur between him and the nearest available chair, and then he is in it, and it is rocking back and forth from the simple speed of him getting into it. "This looks delicious! You sure you don't mind my havin some? I mean, I'm not tryin t'talk you out of it, I just don't wanna be imposin or anythin."

"Oh, go right on ahead. Take as much as you like! Seriously, take as much as you think you can eat, because I will eat the rest." She doesn't look like she CAN eat all of that...but then again, she IS a dragon. A smile is turned to Tabby. "Enjoy it, it's my favorite kind of breakfast. American breakfasts are always so hearty and filling." She nods sagely. Then, she glances back to Lucas, watching him thoughtfully.

It doesn't take long before Tabitha clears off what little food she's managed to acquire while everyone was talking. The high sugar content in the syrup has her looking a little bleary-eyed, however. "So people eat this every day, huh?" She licks her fork. "s'good!" The girl considers getting another plate's worth but opts against it. Instead she steals one last piece of bacon and slowly nibbles it with her tail still swishing happily behind her.

Not to be left out, Lucas grins when he's given permission, and sets about eating. He takes a little of everything, but tends towards a bit more pancakes and bacon than the other foods. Still, he seems to enjoy all of it, and while he doesn't take a second plate, he did get some of everything on his first plate, somehow, despite having a pretty respectable stack of pancakes on it.
"A little appreciation for 'merican breakfasts goes a long way 'round here. Twisted isn't exactly brimmin with IHOPs." ...Is there seriously even one other Twisted resident that knows what the hell an IHOP is? Is it an apple product?

The dragoness nods. "Yup! Lots of sugar and fat and grease and more sugar and meat." Once the other two have takent their servings, Sun starts on her own. She stacks her plate rather extremely high with all of the different types of food, and begins to eat...and rather quickly, too. Probably, being a dragon, she has a much larger appetite than her petite size would suggest. Smiling to Lucas, she chuckles. "Never heard of an IHOP, but I learned all of this from a cook book I found."

Tabitha wobbles in her seat, her eyes glazed over. She always gets like this when she has sugar in large amounts. Strange, that. The girl watches Sun pack away the remains with a raised eyebrow. The only sound from her an occasional yawn. "Hey? Um... Considerin' tha whole wakin' up early thing? You mind if I steal your bed for a little while longer?" She yawns once more for emphasis. "Maybe because of bein' full too..." Tabitha chuckles a little but doesn't exactly move until she gets a response, staying silent again save for the occasional yawn.

With a bit of a sigh, Lucas leans back in his chair. He really packed that food away in a hurry, but now he looks pretty full. When Sun mentions she learned this from a cook book, he makes a sound of understanding, and then grins. "S'good stuff, thanks for lettin me have some." He crosses his arms and leans back in his chair, without causing the chair itself to lean back.
When Tabitha speaks up, he smiles. "Barstool looks just about ready to pop." Phrasing!

Smiling, Sun waves a hand. "Oh, you don't need to ask. Get some more sleep, sounds like you've got a case of the Itis." She smiles again, shoveling a bit more food in her mouth. Does she even chew her food at all? It hardly seems like it. As Lucas speaks, she brightens a little bit. Seems she's stabilized a bit since he last saw her, or at least is acting like it. "Thank you, and you're welcome. I like cooking, it's fun, and I get to eat what I make when I'm done." She nods sagely, before smiling to Tabitha. "Her name is Tabby, by the way. Barstool is her witness protection name."
Sun is SO nice, isn't she?

The nekojin stands and starts to leave the table after Sun gives her the go-ahead. But the conversations make her just pause and stare back at the two of them suspiciously. "Barstool? Oh come on. I don't wanna be known as barstooooool." She yawns again unintentionally drawing attention to her canine teeth. "Ya know what? I'm too tired ta care. Fine. I'll be Barstool, but when I wake up ya better have a really good story about that name 'cause I have a feelin' I'm not gonna like it." With that she waves pathetically and wanders out of the room leaving the two alone.

Lucas manages not to laugh when Tabitha protests her nickname, but does flash her a grin that could melt ice. He is friendly and handsome, at least. So there are some good qualities about him, even if he talks funny and his eyes are all glassy. "'Fraid we can't tell ya. S'for your own protection." He gives a little nod, then puts his hands behind his head and maintains that grin.

The dragoness isn't so good aout not laughing when she protests the nickname. "I'll tell you when you've gotten some sleep." she chuckles over at Lucas, shoveling a bit more food into her mouth...before finally sitting back and patting her belly. Maybe she's full. Unlikely, though, she's probably just trying to seem less unladylike around the blind man. She does seem to want to impress him...apparently, food is a good way to do that.

Finally letting out a small laugh once Tabitha's retired, Lucas looks to Sun with a bit of a smile still on his face. "Seems like you're doin better'n I expected. Guess I didn't need t'worry 'bout you after all." He keeps his hands behind his head, and makes another satisfied sound. "Got some nice food outta it though, so not too sorry 'bout it." Yeah, well, dragons eat a lot.

"Good night of sleep helped clear my head a bit." That and food probably helped out, as well. "I DO have a question for you, though." She shoves another bite of pancake into her mouth, chewing once, twice...nope, she doesn't really chew that much at all. "Why are you so freaked out by the fact that I blatantly display my attraction to you?"

"Freaked out?" Lucas raises his eyebrows, and a hand comes out from behind his head to hold up like a stop sign. "I didn't ever say nothin 'bout bein freaked out. I guess I just don't work th'same way as you do, y'know?" The blind man stops leanin back in his chair, and goes back to crossin his arms, though somehow it looks a lot less defensive and hostile on him than it does on other people.
"I mean, for starters, I can't see ya. Not, y'know, in th'way that makes men run 'round with their tongues hangin outta their head, anyway. So I got that wrong with me." ...That's pretty obvious to anyone that knows his condition, though.
"'N' second of all, where I come from, guys and gals take a long time 'n' get t'know each other b'fore gettin close." ...That... really depends on the guys and gals, but his point is easy enough to understand. Who says 'gals' anymore, though? Talk about a throwback.
"And o'course, all that's b'fore my own emotional stuff I gotta deal with, too. So, y'know... I'm not exactly a prime catch, if y'take my meanin."

The dragoness smiles faintly. "I guess I'm not used to taking a long time, or something. Or I'm just a very impatient being." She nods sagely...then, gingerly, she reaches out, attempting to gently take his hand in hers. Should he allow her to do so, she will guide his hand up to her face. "You see better with your hands, right? I think I saw that somewhere. So...'look' at me, you know?" She smiles faintly.
"Emotional stuff? Ff, we all have that. I'm no prime catch, either." She smirks. "Sometimes, it's just good to have fun, you know?"

Lucas doesn't resist when Sun moves his hand to her face, but gives a small smile at her presumption. "Touch is nice, 'specially when someone's got soft skin, but I don't have any real special senses. Can't even read Braille too well - better luck 'readin' raised letters." ... Seems like the kinda thing someone would want to learn.
"S'cause I wasn't always blind. Used to have great vision, could hit a deer at three hundred yards, and admire a redhead from five hundred." He smirks a bit, there, and then reaches up and gives Sun's hair a little flick for good humor. "Not tryin t'say I can't enjoy myself, it's just... less a priority now - brain doesn't go that direction easily without sight." That's fair.
"As for th'other stuff, well, it's not th'kinda stuff I can just brush off. But I'm glad t'know how y'feel. Y'think maybe we could have dinner or somethin, sometime?" She just got through saying she's not patient, dude.

After a moment, the dragoness gently reaches up, placing one hand on the back of his and closing her eyes. She's silent for a moment...then, an image of what she looks like in the full-length mirror in her bedroom flashes briefly in Lucas' mind. She pulls away almost immediately, rubbing at her forehead, but smiling all the same. "I can't make promises for how patient I can be, but dinner would be nice, I think..."
She leans back, taking another bite of her food, this time shoving almost an entire egg into her mouth. Mmmm, eggs.

When Sun flashes an image of herself through Lucas' mind, the blind man makes a small sound, and then smiles a bit sitting back while she sits back to eat some eggs. "Almost forgotten what color looks like." He pauses, looking over her as if trying to line the image he remembers in his mind up with the shapes he /can/ see.
"Y'got lots of color on ya, those murals of yours a story, or just art?" He doesn't seem put off by them, but then, being put off by tattoos would be a pretty silly thing for a blind man.

"Can't really do that often. Just kinda...wanted to, and did, but it felt funny." Sun smiles faintly, before tilting her head to one side. "The body I chose happened to have them. I like them, they are quite aesthetically pleasing to me." The tattooed dragoness chuckles softly. "Guess they kinda go with my personality, too." She reaches out again, thoughtfully brushing the back of his hand with her fingertips again.

"Body you chose, huh?" Lucas tilts his head a bit at that, uncertain what to make of it. "Most of us don't really get that choice, though I think I lucked out, got no major defects or nothin." After blinking at his own words, he clarifies. "That I was born with anyway." He seems to like that touch of his hand, he's certainly smiling more, now.

"Well, this isn't actually /my/ body. My body I was born with is bigger than this apartment." She raises a hang, gesturing about. "And probably much less attractive, though I do admit to having some amazing scales." She sounds prideful about that part. She doesn't move her hand from his, idly running her fingers over his skin. "But this body is more fun for interactions. Most people run screaming from my other body, and I'm awful at talking."

"Ah." Lucas nods, as if that makes perfect sense to him, which it probably doesn't. "Well, I'm glad y'can talk, at least. That'd be just... weird." He imagines it, poorly, and then shakes his head. "So... I'm thinkin maybe somethin casual, good food to talk over and loiter a while. What kinda stuff are you in the mood for?"

The dragoness chuckles softly. "I can KIND of talk in the form I was born in, but it doesn't sound anywhere near as charming as this voice." Sun smiles, before lifting his hand back up to her forehead again. Another image, of a rather large dragon with scales like the evening sky, stars speckling among the colors of space. It's very brief, and she shakes her head slightly after the fact. That's a rough one.
Sun smiles again at his question. "I think that sounds more than ideal. There's not much selection as far as restaurants go, but we could probably get a nice little booth at the Usual. Either that, or...oh, how about a picnic?" She brightens a little. "I could make some good American food, and we could go to the park or the beach."

With a laugh, Lucas nods his head. "I can see how you'd have an easier time interactin with us mere mortals this way." He grins, and then leans back in his chair again. "A picnic sounds nice and relaxin. I'm pretty sure you could make most kinds of food and I'd like em though, if you prefer somethin other than 'merican food." Not that he minds.

The dragoness smiles, leaning against the table and smiling at Lucas. "I like American food. It's got interesting flavors. Then again, I can eat just about anything." She nods quietly, chuckling to herself. "There's a really nice park near here, it can be pretty relaxing most of the time." She apparently decides that she likes touching his hand, because she goes back to doing so idly as she talks.
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