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Twisted MUCK

Posting for other people again.

Welcome travelers...

Twisted MUCK

Contained herein are the collected logs, stories, and messages pertaining to the online role playing game Twisted MUCK. This way it's tales can be preserved across the vast expanse of time to aid, or hinder, those who seek it's knowledge. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/2dQ3JU

Posting for other people again.

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Twisted MUCK
Before I get to this log, lemme say here that the only reason I'm keeping this LJ going is in hopes that it benefits someone. If you are keeping up with these, will you guys please drop me a line and let me know? That way at least I'll know I'm not wasting my time and effort here. You don't even need to be an active player. Just let me know someone is out there reading this.

Silence will probably mean I just focus exclusively on the wiki.

On a chance after-hours visit to the school, Ren runs into Destruction, who doesn't have the most sunny of personalities.

Enyo schoolyard, terrorizing yo' residents

The sun is slowly drifting down as twilight sets in, the final few faculty are departing and the school's lights are one by one extinguishing. At a moment like this the school is calm, perhaps the calmest it will be during the school year. There are shadows draping across various outdoor facilities, benches, fountains and every sort of thing one might expect to find at a high school. Contained within the courtyard, is a shadow that is darker than the others. The darkness is the kind that pulls in the light, rather than just obscure it. It lingers naturally, and occassionaly unnaturally, to the side of the building. There is an overwhelming presence, like a sense that someone is watching, but from where...

The fluorescent-mottled mollusc meanders by the school in no particular hurry. The slow undulation of alarmingly blue fins in the blob of suspended water is translated by the forcefield generator into a slow drift across the ground. Serenity pauses by the open gates to the school, regarding the building and clock tower thoughtfully. After a moment, Ren shifts direction and moves with a more purposeful pace directly toward the entrance, evidently aiming to catch a passing faculty member.

The shadows shift, as the light of the setting sun starts to fight the good fight, long before the moon rises. One in particular moves silently from the building wall onto the ground and slowly, methodically shifts from position to position, heading toward the entrance. The voice is not so much as heard, but more so, just... Felt. The meaning of the words seem to come from no where, but yet their weight is felt as if they were spoken. ~~My what an oddity you are...~~ The voice pauses a moment, ~~In all the universe... I have yet to encounter one such as you...~~ The voice pauses, it really depends on if you assume it is male or if it is female, but either way... Is right. ~~Yessssss~~ The word lingers into a hiss, like a serpent. There still is no obvious source of the voice, yet...

Serenity seems to be just a bit too late today. Ren cheerfully flows up to the door and tries, unsuccesfully, to open it. Ren presses face up to the glass (leaving a smudge but little dampness on the non-porous surface) but doesn't seem to catch sight of a even a custodian. Ren then turns to leave, but doesn't seem especially crestfallen still. With the appearance of the unsourced voice, Ren stops suddenly and 'blinks' eyes inward in surprise before looking around. "Hh! Hello..." Ren hisses a bit uncertainly, glancing to and fro. "Might you be a faculty member?"

The shadow slips into the shadow of the orb. The darkness of the shadow overtakes the natural shadow, and slowly starts to rise up from the ground. There isn't a face, or even the shape of a humanoid, rather, it appears to be like more like a Halloween Ghost costume, just semi-translucent and black. the being stops after gaining a height of around five feet tall. It leans in and then twists in a rather impossible way, kind of like Mr. Fantastic would stretch. ~~I am not from this place.~~ The voice ripples off from everywhere and no where at the same exact moment, but it never seems to come just from the form. ~~Are you in need for something, yes?~~ A small orafice opens and a white mask drips onto the blackness, the mask has no face, then it switches to one with an eerie sort of smile, with two eyes and a nose formed. It doesn't move and their is no sense of eyes or a mouth. The voice comes again, ~~I am sure I can help you, esssssss?~~

"Hh, also a visitor to the school?" Ren surmises, motioning a 'wing' outside of the cloak of water and toward the building. The motion attracts Ren's attention and something of a stare as well. "I would say that I haven't seen one such as you either, but that still seems to be happening several times a week," Ren remarks with a smile and a gesture toward Meikyou. "Yes, I was just passing by when it occurred to me that the school might just be looking for a dance instructor. I thought that I would try my luck."

~~Instructor...~~ The forms face shifts from the smile to a rather stoic face. ~~You teach dance, yes?~~ His form twists and loops surrounding the bubble in a ringed halo of his form. The voice echoes again, ~~You wish to teach... You feel this in your being, yesssss?~~ The impression that the being is looking through you and deeply so. It moves with the fluid motions of a serpent, and yet, seems to defy gravity as it moves. A section of the school's courtyard lifts up just so slightly and breaks apart. The pieces start to twirl and dance, like a classical waltz to some unheard music. ~~Dance like thissssss, yesssss~~ The creature moves from around the halo-esque pose and returns to the shadow-ghost form. The ground suddenly drops from the air with a thump. ~~Long ago, in ages before there were ages to remember. I once danced. Then came the usurper... Then... Darkness...~~ The form's mask melts and absorbs back into the blackness.. The pallatable rage fills the air.. ~~Dance....~~ The comment comes off more as a demand, rather than a request...

"I am quite a *learner* of dance, at least," Ren replies to the initial question, twisting to keep the mask in view. "Though I haven't any formal education in education, it seems I should give it a try..." Ren glances about at the shattered cement and trails off, curiosity at the form shifting to uncertainty. "I do think that the custodians would appreciate you putting that back..." The bit of history from Meikyo gets only a confused stare. Ren twiches at the command, shrinking in length a bit towards a more compact shape. "Pardon?" Ren asks uncertainly.

~~They are but insects to me...~~ The voice echoes. The faceless being moves forward, closer to the orb of water. The ground cracks around the courtyard, the cement shatters into dust and then lifts into the air and swirls around him in the air. Then it drops all at once. ~~Clean it up. Now, creature.~~ The face mask appears before him. ~~In your limited understanding of your minute life, you presume to order the personification of all things ending to clean it up....~~ There is a distinct hint of arrogance and anger to the voice. The emotions seep deep with the words. ~~You forget your place, creature. I have seen worlds that existed before ages ago, and have seen them decimated at my mere whim.~~ The face goes stoic and then blank, yet the being exudes a sense of superiority, ego, pride and raw power.

Serenity twitches again at the crack, shrinking inward further, fins and body, as well as leaning antennae back from Meikyou. Ren's eyes follow the form and nervously rubs at the gills on the back of the head with a pair of fin edges. "Hhh... I do have a limited understanding, it seems," Ren ventures tentatively. "I don't know anything about 'places', for instance. Now, it does seem that you're feeling something more than a bad day..." Ren offers, motioning slightly toward the shape. "... or bad eon?" Ren amends uncertainly, then hastily continues, "While I'd like to think I'm a fairly good listener, it's quite clear that you and I have very different life experiences. While I'd very much like to offer comfort, I'm likely not one of the people in the city who can be most empathetic with your experiences and emotional needs and such." Ren babbles off the last even more quickly, fluttering a pair of fins toward the gate. "So... I'm afraid I should take my leave before I say anything offensive -anything further offensive?- which I'd very much like to avoid."

~~Eon?~~ The voice laughs. ~~You speak of what is a mere blink of an eye. I have been alive for ages beyond ages. I am as old as the universe.~~ The air around the being seems to crackle with dark energy. The being starts to sink into the ground. ~~If you think I can not reach you.... You are as ignorant as you are short-lived.~~ The being further vanishes and then the shadow fades, ~~I am everywhere. I am all that you see, all that you breathe... I am destruction. I am...~~ There is a long uncomfortable pause... ~~Your end.~~ Then the presence seems to have faded completely.

Serenity stops nervously scratching to shrink the fins protectively inward but continues staring at the shadow from inside the cloak of water. Ren remains quiet and still some moments after the speaking stops. Then Ren quickly sizzles, "Excuse me. I should be going!" to nobody in particular before darting for the gate in a rapid undulation of the fins.
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