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Twisted MUCK


Welcome travelers...

Twisted MUCK

Contained herein are the collected logs, stories, and messages pertaining to the online role playing game Twisted MUCK. This way it's tales can be preserved across the vast expanse of time to aid, or hinder, those who seek it's knowledge. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/2dQ3JU


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It's seemingly another night at the UR as Sun, Serenity, and Lucas find themeselves crossing paths inside the famous establishment. But what's this? A new bartender? Tenna returns!! >SQUEEK< Also a prologue of sorts featuring Blemish!

The Return of the Beast What Squeeks

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the floor and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and holograms of different movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR - caught as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the restaurant, surface polished and shiny and all-together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are the various beverages that are serveed, and a giant mirror. There seem to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung around it. Multiple round wooden tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit. A large fireplace nestles in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second-floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

A loud shtriking of metal dragging against concrete flows in from the outside of the UR. The source appears at the doorway, Blemish, draging her sword Oblivion's Blood behind her. She walks through the doorway, letting her blade drag behind her, scarring the floorboards. In her other hand is a dead body, freshly killed. She moves to the side of the entrance and drops the body on the floor, then kneels down next to it and begins rummaging through its clothing. - The other occupants of the UR, knowing Twisted is a lawless place by most standards, don't approach the murderous winged woman.

The bartender takes no heed of this besides a courtesy wave in the general direction of the door. She's currently preoccupied with the task at hand. What Task? Harassing a skutter by waving a squeak toy what amounts to it's face. "YOU WILL LOVE SPOOKY! KISS 'EM! KIIIIIISSS 'EEEEEM!!!" She squeaks the doll loudly and then thwaps the 'bot on the head with it before darting back to the bar to check on the latest patron. "Yo! Welcome to this, the most Usual of Restaurants. My name is Tenna, this here is Spooky." >SQUEEK< "How may I assist you today in this fine place of beverages and snacky-stuffs?"

Blemish pulls out a wallet, a brush, a ring, two bracelets, and one earring. She frowns, then looks at Tenna, "...hello," she says softly, "...I'll take meat." She pickets the ring, bracelets, and earring in the pouch at her side, then walks for the bar, dragging her sword through the dead body, which is easily cut in half like there was no resistance. The long scar in the floor follows behind her blade, then she puts the wallet down on the bar. While the stuff inside has no value to her, other people think paper is a fine way to pay for things.

Tenna watches the body get sliced with a look of devilish glee. "It slices! It dices! MEAT COMING UP!!" A brief pause. "Would you like cooked meat or raw meat?" Another pause to point at the floor, "Or that guy. People can bring their own meat to be cooked, right?!" She yells towards the back at no one in particular. Crossing her arms the woman leans against the bar, waiting for a response of some kind from someone.

Blemish looks back at the bisected dead thing. She shakes her head, "...no, it's dead inside. I'd like cooked from you." She looks towards the kitchen as some muffled words come out, followed by a grand amount of yelling between three people? Then a butcher knife flies from the kitchen. That seems to be all the response you get.

The bartender's eyes go wide as weapons fly through the doorway. "Wow." The girl over dramatically sneaks over to the door, placing her back to the wall and sloooowly pushes open the door. Waits a moment, and then leans into the opening. "HEY!! YOU SAID I COULD WORK HERE! I'M WEARING THE SAILOR SUIT!! QUIT SCARIN' THE GUESTS!" She ducks back behind the wall, letting the door swing closed on its own. Once she's sure nothing is being thrown at her she pushes it back open and adds, "HURRY UP WITH THE MEAT!" Smiling she tiptoes happily back to the bar. "It'll be just a couple of minutes."

Muffled replies of sorry comes from the kitchen, along with a "Respect the suit!" from a random patron. - Blemish watches Tenna closely, "...are you human?" she asks, swinging her sword around to let it rest on her shoulder. She grimaces slightly as blood starts staining the front of her shirt, though that's all the attention she gives the sudden wound.

Tenna hmm's at Blemish, completely oblivious to any bleeding. In fact she happens to look away just prior to that to look over her arms in a fake show of worry. "...human? OH GOD! IS MY EPIDERMIS SHOWING!?!?" She puts her hands to the sides of her head and pretends to hyperventilate before dropping out of view behind the bar a moment and popping up with Spooky a moment later. >SQUEEKYSQUEEK< "To tell you the truth I could answer that question - but then I'd have to kill you." >SQUEEK< "What's that Spooky?" >SQUEEK< "Why yes! There IS something red on her!"

Blemish watches closely, examining Tenna and her movements. When the puppet comes up, she finds this perfectly normal. It may be a familiar of some kind, or perhaps it's an extensinon of her hand. Or maybe she is controlling the creatures mind with her own and making it spea. In any case, seems normal enough. She looks down at the blood on her shirt, as it continues to get drenched and flow down, staining into her clothing in a trail. "...it does that...I don't know why." Her question wasn't answered, so she leans down to look closer at Spooky, "...are you human?"

Spooky is a small chubby black vinyl toy with bones painted on it, a squeaker up it's butt, and a cute skull-like face and does not answer on the grounds that it was described as a puppet. Tenna does not care what Spooky thinks because it's just a toy and squeaks it anyways. >SQUEEK< "Spooky says he likes you!" >SQUEEKYSQUEEK< "Y'know, if I was gushing blood like that I'd go to a hospital." She pauses a moment, setting Spooky down on the bar so she can grab a washcloth and clean some of the blood off of it. "Or try to be a pimp to a bunch of vampires. YOU COULD MAKE A FORTUNE!!" The girl starts humming to herself, "o/~Vampiric prostituuuuuuution!"

Blemish nods at Spooky, who from what she can tell is indeed not a human. She straightens up, "...I like you as well," she says to the doll....puppet thing. She looks down at her wound again, "...I haven't found any vampires, but I would trade it for any hoard's they have. It flows for hours sometimes." She drops her blade, not feeling the need to hold it anymore. It clangs onto the ground, clangityclang!


Tenna sits on the floor studying it while scrubbing away at a large red stain using a small brush. Scrub scrub scrub staaaaare. Poke. Scrub scrub scrub. "What is the floor of this place made from!?!?" That seems to be the question of the night. No one seems to answer her question, especially not the two drunks at a table staring at her ass as the skirt around Tenna's waist has bunched up. Sitting back on her feet, the girl shrugs and throws the brush into a bucket of red-colored water. "I give up. I don't get paid to clean the floor." She stands and grabs the bucket to put it away, but not before kicking the spot in the floor and shrugging at it. "Soooo weird."

At least today isn't such a bad day as the past several days have been. The door swings open, and in walks a tired-looking Sun. Her wings and tail are out right now, and the left wing looks like it is healing nicely...after being put partially through a wood chipper. At least the holes are closing, and the bones are slowly growing back. Otherwise, she looks a good deal better than she has in the past few days, and it's only looking up from here. She pauses upon seeing the red stain...and promptly walks over, stomping as hard as she can. A hole in the flooring results from her stomp, effectively eliminating the stain by way of property destruction. Then, she's on her way to the bar, even as the nanites kick in and start mending the floor to look like new. "Quick tip. If you can't clean it, destroy it. The nanites will fix it." This is uttered to Tenna as the dragoness settles in at the bar, leaning her elbows against it.

Tenna flails as she bolts around the bar to look at the hole... before it closes up. "DANGIT!" The girl kicks the spot in the floor again and stomps back around the bar taking as much time as she can to do so. "I wanna know what that floor is made from! It totally blocked a sword that was slicing through that dea-" She pauses to ponder her words more carefully. 'Dead guy' tends to make people not want to dine here. "...that dear meat they asked if we could cook up." o(Yeah, Tenna. Good cover!) She smiles happily at the voice in her head before she smoothes out the apron she's wearing over the standard UR sailor outfit and leans against the bar to face Sun. "Sooooo, thank you for wanting your Usual. My name is Princess Tenna-von-clap-trap-poof-le-doux-anonymous, but for tonight you may call me Tenna. What can I pour for you this fine evening?

"Wood, but this place has some craziness going on. Nanobites fix damage up immediately." She knocks a finger against the bar. "And this is damned near indestructable. It's just...always been like that." The cover story does prompt one eyebrow to pop up, but Sun doesn't press the matter. None of her business. She stares for a moment as Tenna offers her rather long name; after clearing her throat briefly, she replies, "And I am Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok. But you can call me Sun." She nods in greeting. "I'm feeling girly. Amaretto sour, please."

Long names don't phase Tenna. She makes hers up on the spot. At the request she pulls out a cocktail shaker and holds it out dramatically. "WE SHALL DO SCEINCE TO IT!!!" Dropping behind the bar again, she resurfaces wearing a labcoat with Spooky peering out of the breast pocket. Luckily she's already poured in the ingredients and goes into a slight dance as she shakes it back and forth, humming to herself for the second time this evening. Cracking open the shaker she sits it down on the bar, eyeing it as a fog rolls off the top of it. Sticking out her tongue the woman takes out Spooky to inspect it, squeaks him once, and repockets the toy. Fumbling blindly below the bar again Tenna retrieves a glass, holds it out in the air with a "Dun dun da duuuuun!" and strains the concoction in before dropping some fruit on the side of the glass. "TAAAA-DAAAAAAA!" >SQUEEK< "Please remember to tip your 'tender for good service!"

"Still nothing-doing." The self-talk of a blind-man sounds an awful lot like drunken rambling when he sort of bumps his way through the door to the usual and staggers towards the bar. His mussed-up raven hair is juuuuust peeking out of the hood on his gray sweater, and his hands are in the sweater pockets up until he manages to reach said bar, leaning on it with his chest before glancing behind himself to make sure there's a stool or chair to sit on. Why he goes through the motions of looking there when his eyes are... probably non-functional... is anyone's guess. "Gotta be out there somewhere, I reckon." Uh huh. Keep on talking, crazy man.

Sun watches all of this with raised brows, an almost concerned look on her face. Well, that's interesting. The bartender is insane, in a rather literal sense. That's fun. She takes her drink as it's finished, eyeing it suspiciously. After a brief sniff, she takes a swig...then offers a thumbs up. "Good tip appeal has been approved." She nods sagely, setting her glass down. Then, Lucas is walking in! She blinks a few times over her shoulder, watching the blind man stagger in. "...You okay there, Lucas?" She rotates her stool so she can help the man out, if he needs the assistance.

Lucas is temporarily ignored as Tenna smiles at Sun's approval and throws the lab coat dramatically back to wherever she found it behind the bar. Hearing her address the newcomer, the woman glances up, smiles, and then goes to pouring out the dry ice she'd snuck into the cocktail mixer for effect. "No, Spooky. We don't wanna lick that no matter how cool and awesome it is." The toy says nothing in return.

With a bit of a nod, Lucas sits back onto a stool and slowly sits up straight. "Fine, thanks. Just runnin a bit low on fuel, so t'speak." He takes a slow breath, and then looks over to Tenna. His eyes don't see her, but they look right in her direction, so she'd be forgiven for thinking him sighted. "Vermouth on the rocks, please?" He offers a brief smile, before his vision continues on towards Sun. "Wing's lookin kinda raggedy there, somethin happen? Bet we can find the guy and rough him up 'tween the two of us."

The dragoness watches Tenna thoughtfully. Well, she's okay so long as she doesn't get Johnny Crazy, at least. Then, she glances over at Lucas, head tilting toward her shoulder. "So you are like a car, and you run on vermouth? Interesting notion." She smirks, sipping at her amaretto sour and leaning back in the stool. "I'd love to beat the shit out of the guy, but that would probably be ill advised. S'how my wing got this way. Guy is a dickhead." She shifts her wings, while her tail idly wraps itself around the leg of the barstool. "Though I do appreciate the offer." She seems different, somehow.

Serenity cracks open the door and squeezes through, leaving a damp spot where the brackish water touched it. Ren flutters into an upright posture and enters with a twirl and some lower-body movements that might look like legs under a dress if one squints hard enough. Ren glances about to those at other tables, then spots those at the bar and raises a 'wing' to them in greeting before quickly slipping over. "Hello!" Ren rasps cheerfully.

On the bright side Tenna's not insane. She's just got a permanent sugar high. The mulatto woman hops over to the side of the bar closest to the trio and dangles a finger through a random stay bit of hair. "Like, totally welcome to th' Usual. We have, like, the greatest food and stuff EV~er!" She grins manically and reaches for Spooky. >SQUEEKYSQUEEK< "DOES ANYONE WANT SOME FoooooooooooooD!" That's her metal voice. She even tries to headbang a little. Holding a hand to her chest she introduces herself. "Myyyyy name is Tenna. This here is my partner in crime Spooky." >SQUEEK< "What can I do for yous?" She's addressing both Lucas and Serenity, if that's not obvious.

The blind man really only gives Sun's comment a slight chuckle, he's been told he runs on the substance on more than one occasion. "More like a moped, these days." These days? He's not exactly old-looking. When Sun mentions she doesn't think they should find the guy, though, Lucas hmms, and scrunches up his face a bit in thought. "...Was it that helmet dude you were talkin bout? Didja ever draw a picture?" He doesn't mention anything about Sun seeming different, but then, he was modestly drunk when he met her, and he thought she was too. So he's probably still trying to figure out how much of her previous bubbliness was her drink, how much was his drink, and how much was normal. He doesn't look like he's doing a bang up job of figuring that out. It really doesn't help when Tenna jumps over the bar and starts attempting to... headbang?... out her 'welcome to the Usual' bit. When she finishes, asking what she can do for the newcomers, Lucas just blinks once. "...Ah. Vermouth on the rocks?" Yes, he already said that, but maybe if he says it again, she'll hear him! ... Or maybe not. When Serenity floats to the bar, Lucas turns an eye toward her, blinking for a moment. "Oh yeah, invisible mint-lady. How's it goin, Ren?" He seems pretty familiar for this being only their second time meeting. ... The invisible thing might require some explanation, but he's a blind guy, so anything he says about visibility or the lack thereof should be regarded as highly suspicious.

Serenity regards Tenna (and squeaky-doll) with something of a puzzled expression, remaining quiet a moment after her introduction. "I'm pleased to meet you, Tenna. I think that I'll just enjoy the company for now." Ren extends fins from the water to offer both Lucas and Sun a pat on the arm. "This week has been... interesting," Ren admits to Lucas, "but I seem to be entirely in one piece still." Ren grins and adds, "I didn't have a chance yet to ask if Sun still had company."

The dragoness glances over as Serenity offers her greeting, and in return gives the mollusc a small wave of greeting. "Hey, Ren." She then turns her gaze back to Lucas, nodding. "Yeah, helmet dude. I drew a picture, that's how I found him." She frowns. "It wasn't a very pleasant reunion...though I remember a lot more, now." She doesn't sound particularly thrilled about...well, anything, right now. Tenna is observed by Sun all the while, amused expressions traveling across her features.

Didn't Tenna's pose say she was ignoring him tempoarily? Well she was. Introductions first. Plus she already started making it. When? Well who's to say, but she looks at him as he looks on in confusion and sets the glass down on the bar. With a long stare she reaches under the bar and >plop plop< drops two ice cubes in it. "Nice to meet you too! Awesome... Fish... Person...?" She hums dramtically with a rub of her chin. "To you I shall dub thee Awesome McSsquishypants." She bows as if before royalty. "COME SPOOKY, LET US REMOVE THE FILTH FROM THIS BAR!" She grabs a washcloth and calmly begins to wipe the bar clean while humming more to herself.

There are a lot of things Lucas was expecting from Tenna, but none of those were the things she did. The blind man regards her with dead eyes for a moment, before thanking her for the drink. "Lucas, by the by. Case you were wonderin." She wasn't. Looking from Serenity to Sun, Lucas seems a bit confused. "Company? Y'found him by drawin him?" He scratches his head through his hood, which sounds scritchy, and just looks more confused. "Thinkin I missed somethin. Congrats on rememberin stuff, though? Amnesia sucks." He pauses as he lifts the glass of vermouth to his lips. "...Though sometimes it's a blessin." He says that real low, and then takes a swig.

As Tenna returns to the 'tender side of the bar, Serenity maneuvers around a folded seven-foot wing to squeeze into the spot between Sun and Lucas' seats. "Serenity is what I typically go by here, though may also answer to 'Awesome'," Ren replies with an amused note. Ren then nods to Lucas with a more somber expression. "The person seemed to have poor choice in both company and attitude. There was an altercation..." Ren motions a fin edge to Sun. "Speaking of which, you're looking surprisingly well today."

"Amnesia does suck." Though arguably, she's not sure if the new way she remembers things is any better. It's all kind of miserable, really. "Though I do find new meaning in the phrase, 'Ignorance is bliss.'" A shrug rolls over her shoulders as she lifts her glass, taking a long sip of the drink -- and ensuring that Tenna can easily clean up her spot on the bar. "I have other company...someone important to me, I guess." Someone who she had to beat up with time itself just to keep her from going insane.

squeek... Squeek.... SQUEEK! SQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEK!!! With an extra apron tied around her face like a mask, Tenna lunges over to the bar as Sun lifts her glass, rubbing the just-forming condensation away and swiftly tossing a coaster on the spot. Two more are fanned out like playing cards and ninja'd before Lucas and Serenity - the later just in case. With a mischievous cackle she tiptoes away to the back room, letting the kitchen door swing freely behind her.

With a bit of a surprise audible in his voice, Lucas responds. "Oh? I didn't know." He drinks some more of that vermouth, and gives a little sigh, leaning back on his stool. He should probably fall off, given how not-sturdy he was seeming earlier, and how far he's leaning back, but somehow, he manages to avoid it. Graceful drunk. "Findin memories and a jerk seem to go hand in hand, but usually the jerk turns out to be you 'fore you lost your memory in the first place." Usually? Has he done this thing on multiple occasions? "Guess y'lucked out, someone else was the bad one, right?" He offers Sun a small grin, then glances at Serenity again for a moment. He looks like he MIGHT be contemplating reaching out and touching that weird, inviso-amoeba thing, but... he apparently decides against it, as his attention promptly turns to the coaster that somehow snuck its way under his drink. "Huh. Was just gonna ask for one of those."

"Someone you *guess* is important?" Ren responds curiously to Sun's remark about company. Lucas' assessment, on the other hand, gets a confused look. "Has this happened to many-" Ren 'blinks' eyes inward briefly at Tenna's sudden lunge. Ren glances down with a still-confused look at the coaster. "Thank you?" Ren says, before continuing to Lucas, "Has this happened to many of your friends?"

The dragoness watches Tenna work, brows raised. She'll get an extra tip, because she's kinda cool. Setting her drink down on the coaster, she turns to peer over at Lucas. "I think I was a bit of a jerk, who happens to have known a lot of other jerks." She watches the drunken blind man, debating a few things. "Mostly, it's the other jerks, though." She doesn't leave her beverage sitting for long, scooping it back up to take another long drink. Then, blue eyes turn toward Serenity, blinking a few times. "She's kind of my daughter, but not really my daughter, and Johnny and I apparently made her out of a bar stool." That's interesting. "I'm taking care of her for now, she's got some trouble going on."

Serenity's question nets the semi-floating mollusc a shrug from Lucas. "...One or two." Something in that answer comes off as unsatisfactory, but the man doesn't seem to be dwelling on it much. Instead, he just looks to Sun and listens, much like Ren was doing. There's a nod when Sun says she was a bit of a jerk that knew other jerks, he figures that makes sense. Everyone's a bit of a jerk, in his estimation. When she says she has a daughter though, Lucas' head tilts a little to one side, and when she says that aforementioned daughter was... made out of a barstool... he just blinks slowly once, then twice. "...That's a new one. Where I'm from they make people the old fashioned way, mostly." He manages some amusement in his voice for that one.

Serenity pats Sun's arm encouragingly with her talk of the past, but (oddly enough) doesn't seem terribly surprised by her latter explanation. "I haven't seen TASK or other law enforcement in action yet, so I suppose it's best that you protect Tabitha while they look for this 'Oblivion' person," Ren offers encouragingly. Lucas' remark gets a waggle of the antennae in his direction and an attempted poke in the arm with a 'finger' extruded from the fin edge. "Artificial fertilization is a completely separate issue from what people do with their free time, Lucas."

"Oh, I have a normal daughter, too, somewhere. I dunno where, and my guess is that she thinks I'm dead, so hopefully I can find her sooner than later." Especially because Oblivion wants her. "It all feels new to me, so that makes two of us who are new to all of this." She rubs at her forehead. "My brains don't feel right with this stuff floating around in there." She promptly drains her amaretto sour, setting it back on its coaster and pushing it closer to the bartender's side of the bar. "Nor does any of this whole situation. After going so long with no memory, I feel like I'm living someone else's life."

Tenna is leaning against the bar cleaning a glass with a rag. How long has she been standing there? Actually she stumbled out while Sun was talking, but that part makes it less mysterious. "Yeeeeep. I once lost my memory. Went to a club with Devi and got totally smashed. Woke up the next morning to find her passed out on my couch in a bear suit. Couldn't remember anything that happened that night." What does this have to do with anything? "Then when I came here I started sleeping on HER couch. I guess we're even." Yep. Thank you Tenna.

"Tell me 'bout it." Lucas mumbles in response to Sun's comment about living someone else's life; he keeps it mostly to himself and quiet-like though, before looking to Serenity at that arm-poke. Man still has no idea what she is. "Huh?" He blinks, not quite following her little turn of phrase there at first, before laughing. "Oh, oh, I didn't mean nothin by it. Just never heard of a bar stool baby 'fore." Most people haven't, in fairness. He glances back to Sun after a moment, and then shrugs. "Sounds like you're older'n you look. Woulda pegged you for a young girl last week. Funny what a week can do t'someone." He drains his vermouth dry, and sets it down on the coaster, just in time for him to notice Tenna. "How nicely would I hafta ask to get another vermouth?" He offers her a hopeful smile, mostly hoping that she'll get him another drink without going postal and trying to kill everyone. He should be forgiven for worrying about that kind of thing - it's been known to happen in the UR from time to time.

"Somewhere?" Ren repeats to Sun with a hopeful expression. "As in somewhere nearby, or somewhere in all possible places in all possible worlds? Because the latter suggests that I should come to you with a letter that needs to be sent off in a direction in which one cannot point." Ren glances up to give Tenna (another!) confused look. "A bare suit...?" Ren regards Lucas and then Sun thoughtfully for a moment with his comment about her, then continues to Sun, "What sort of help are you enlisting?"

The redhead blinks a few times at Tenna, brows raising high on her forehead. This one is interesting. She nods toward her empty glass. "Same, mind crafting up another one of these?" She takes the fruit from the glass, popping it into her mouth. Then, she's back to watching Lucas. "I can't even tell you how old I am. I'm older than any of you, I'm sure." She shrugs. "I just don't look it." She finishes off the fruit, glancing back to Ren. "I don't even know if she's here. She could be in Twisted, she could be...anywhere." She sighs, leaning back in her stool. "And I'm keeping the daughter I made from a bar stool safe while she figures things out."

Tenna eyes Lucas suspiciously. "If you go sing a song on the stage I'll give you the whole bottle." With the offer on the table-um, bar, the woman looks back at Awesome McSquishypants. "Y'know, a bear suit. Like Smokey the Bear. 'ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!' Or Bitey the Bear. 'I WANT TO EAT YOUR FACE!'" The whole time she holds her hands up in the air to mock claws and finishes the statement by making 'rar' noises. When people stop paying attention she goes off to make Sun another drink and is in the process of refilling the shaker when she decides to interject into Sun's last statement. "I once made a fish out of a box of crackers. Okay, they were goldfish crackers. Okay, so I didn't make a fish so much as glue it together and stick it the door of the annoying kid who used to live beside me after dusting it with laxatives..." She thankfully pauses after starting to pour the shaker into another glass. "Wait, what was I talking about?" Her free hand goes to Spooky who reminds her >SQUEEK< "Oh! Right! And that's why you need to stock up on toilet paper before climbing into a bomb shelter." Her story finished, the woman offers the glass to Sun and snatches up the old one to clear away.

"Y'know, 'the daughter you made from a barstool' just doesn't roll off the tongue real well," Lucas states, and quite fairly so, "she got a name? Cuz otherwise, think I'm just gonna call her barstool for short." There's no possible way that can be a poor shorthand for a woman. And then Tenna is offering him a whole bottle of vermouth to sing on the stage. Lucas blinks again, and then waves Tenna off with both hands and a disarming smile. Or is it a disarmed smile? Scholars and students of the human condition may choose to disagree on this point. "Oh no, that's fine, just a glass please. I don't much like drawin attention to myself." ... Is he... shy? Doesn't seem it.

"While I'm not the best judge of human age, you do look like a younger human woman," Serenity observes. "Other than the obvious, that is." Ren reaches over to pat one of her wings. With Tenna's clarification, Ren actually does start to look more enlightened by her words. "Hh. An animal costume does seem less embarassing than what I was thinking." And then Tenna elaborates, and Ren is back to faintly frowning with incomprehension again. Ren perks up and looks between Lucas and Sun with his question. "Tabitha, wasn't it? Or was there some misremembering there as well?"

Sun blinks, listening to Tenna's story with that same confused expression on her face, brows raised high and mouth twisted into an ever-so-slight frown. When the story is finished, the dragoness just...blinks a few times. "I...okay. Thank you for that, Tenna, I will cherish that knowledge to the end of my days." She nods quietly as she takes the proffered glass, before glancing to Lucas. "I-- no, it was Tarah." Her eye twitches once. She wasn't going to say the girl's name, considering how scared Tabby was. No point in having the girl tracked to her place. "Just...call her Barstool for now." She frowns slightly, and takes a very large gulp of the alcoholic beverage.

Tenna shakes her head sadly at Lucas. "Maaaan, no one ever wants to use that karaoke machine. IT NEEDS LOVE TOO!" Pouring him a glass of Vermouth, she takes away his old one. Stares at the new one. Caaaarefully pours it back out into the bottle. Drops ice in the glass. Pours it back in. Stares some more, and drops a paper umbrella into it. "Here ya go!" With a smile and a squeak she chews her lip thoughtfully and goes to the stage herself. "It's just too dang quiet in here, Spooky." Uh oh.

There's a raised eyebrow when Serenity mentions Tabitha, and when Sun 'corrects' her, Lucas raises both eyebrows, but shrugs. "Barstool it is." ...Thus Tabby's newest nickname was born. It shall be added to her already impressive list. Lucas doesn't really display any reaction to Tenna's strange manner of pouring his vermouth, other than to thank her for it. For what it's worth, he does so slowly, as if not wanting to spook the girl. When Tenna moves down to the stage, though, Lucas crinkles up his nose, then glances to Serenity. "Think we're in for one of them 'serenade' things. Buckle up."

Serenity nods to Sun. "I'm certainly not one who can be of any help here, but I do hope that you'll enlist the aid of people who are both trustworthy and capable into your protection and search." As Tenna takes the stage, Ren looks to Lucas. "If you're not going to sing to it, Lucas, would you at least join me in a dance to it?"

With an odd crunching noise, Sun's wings and tail suddenly shrink down into her back. It sounds uncomfortable, though she doesn't seem to mind too much. There, now she looks like a normal, cute girl. She watches Tenna with confusion still writ across her features, before glancing between Lucas and Ren in silence. Seems she's in a strange-ish mood.

|The seldom used speakers concealed along the walls thud to life sending a small spray of dust into the air and a few prinnys in the rafters 'D00D!'ing once Tenna starts pressing buttons on the control panel of the karaoke machine. Suddenly swing music starts playing out of everywhere with a chorus of saxophones accompanying the main tune. Grabbing the microphone Tenna stands in the center of the dim stage that runs along the far wall of the bar and promptly begins to sing, "Iiiiiiin the afterlife! You best get ready for the serious strife! Now you make tha scene all day! But tomorrow they'll be hell to pay!" Pre-recorded background singers moan out the last few lines as Tenna pauses. "People listen attentively, I mean about future calamity... I used to think the idea was obsolete until I heard the old man stamping his feeeet." A small instrumental plays as the woman dances around with Spooky in her free hand. "This is a place where eteranlly fire is applied to the body. Teeth are EXTRUDED and bones are grouuuund and made into cakes which are passed around!!" Another instrumental pause. Tenna no longer cares what people are thinking as she fails around on the stage. As the music builds she starts singing faster, "Beauty, talent, fame, money, refinement, top skill and braaaaaaain! But all the things you try to hide will be revealed on the other side!!" Once more the chorus moans out the last few lines as the song leads to the finish. "Now the D and the A and the M and the N and the A and the T and the I, O, N! Lose your face! Lose your name! Then get fitted for a suit of flaaaaaaaaaaame!!!" The music swells and Tenna hops off the stage, dancing back to the bar as the song finishes up.

"Dance?" Lucas sounds a bit surprised by the question. "Well, I'm not real good at that, and I'm kinda blind, so I'm not sure that would end in anythin other than disaster." He offers a little chuckle, and then shrugs. "But maybe, if it's somethin I know how t'dance to..." And then Tenna begins. So much for being something he can dance to. Not without being morbidly embarrassed, anyway. "...Prob'ly... Prob'ly not. Sorry, Ren." He offers the mollusc an apologetic shrug, and a weak smile.

Serenity glances to Sun at the sound, leaning out to the side as if to see the appendages going somewhere. Ren then starts to slide out from between the barstools, takes a twirl and offers Lucas a damp pat on the back. "The focus for the dancer is the music, not looking at oneself," Serenity says. "Perhaps some practice without an audience?" Ren motions toward Tenna as the music begins. "A few swing-dance steps, for instance?" Ren starts to sway a bit, after first pulling fins inward with a curving pattern to suggest a human in a dress. Ren frowns a bit as the song (and Tenna) progress. "The *melody* is catchy..." Ren remarks.

The dragoness watches Tenna perform, quietly sipping on her drink with raised brows. Certainly not her kind of thing, it seems. It's not long until her drink is finished, the empty glass set on the bar as she watches Lucas with a ponderous expression on her face, taking the fruit from her glass once more. After chewing on it for a moment, she leans closer, whispering something into the blind man's ear. Then, she's pulling out her cash, placing down double the cost of her drinks. She apparently liked Tenna enough to give a 100% tip?

"Wooooo!" exclaims Tenna as she's back behind the bar again. "I've been wanting to do that since the moment I realized there was a machine over there." Happily smiling to herself she pulls out Spooky and grins at it. "Later I'll let you sing!" Yep. That'll be something to see.

"Swing-dance isn't somethin I've ever learned, I'm afraid." He pauses as he watches Ren shift about, not quite following what she's doing, and offers her a small smile. "T'be honest, I can't really see any..." Lucas trails off as Sun whispers into his ear, and his face reddens a bit, but his eyes darken, and he furrows his brow noticeably. "...Can't really see anythin you're doin. My lil trick doesn't work on you." He finishes his sentence out of courtesy. Then he gives Sun a sad look with those furrowed brows and dark eyes. "... Appears I'm lettin a couple people down today." Oh, come on!

"Thank you, Tenna," Ren offers her with a smile and a wave from a corner of one 'wing'. "You mean that you haven't *yet* learned swing-dance," Ren cheerily replies, turning back to look at Lucas. Ren frowns at his expression and words. "Is there anything I could do?" Ren asks, looking between him and Sun.

The dragoness rolls her eyes. "Oh, for...I JUST WANT TO TALK TO YOU IN MY BEDROOM. Because it is QUIET in there. Stop being such a damned pervert!" Suddenly in a bit a mood, she begins to stalk toward the door, raising a hand to offer a brusque farewell to those gathered. Well then, she's in quite a mood. At least she paid for her drinks, right?

Tenna notices Sun's outburst before she notices the money, "Oh wow!! THANKS!!" Snatching the funds off the bartop, Tenna squee's happily before burying into her tip cup behind the bar. "Guess what, Spooky?" >SQUEEK< "Tonight we raid the 24*7!" >SQUEEKSQUEEK!< It's probably a good thing she did it in that order. No one wants to know what bad joke would have been made about the whole bedroom statement.

"Well..." Lucas gets ready to tell Ren that there's really nothing to be done, but he doesn't really get to start that conversation, because Sun is suddenly loud, irate, and brusque. He closes his mouth while she speaks, tucking in his chin a bit, and his eyes darken a bit further. As she goes, he looks like he wonders if there's anything he should say to Sun, but he decides against it, as that's probably for the best. "...Probably not, no." He offers that conclusive statement to Ren with a small, embarrassed smile, and a light shrug. "My fault. I'm not the best at this kinda stuff." Yeah? No kidding.

Serenity winces at the outburst from Sun, shrinking slightly in height and shrinking tail end from the floor. Ren smiles weakly to her and returns the wave before looking back to Lucas and Tenna. "To be fair, that request could have been worded more clearly," Ren offers after Sun's departure. "If you need to go stand guard or some such...?"

Somewhere in the midst of the conversation Tenna vanished yet again. Stepping out of the ladies room in her street clothes, she and Spooky step back behind the bar to retrieve her tip cup and shove it into the backpack draped over one arm. "Well, either of you guys good or shall I help you to another round before I head out for the night?" She gestures around the restaurant. "It's been slow in here all day and if I don't get another couple of gallons of caffeine in me stat I might have to start acting... *GASP* NORMAL!" The word forces her to shudder, which forces her to squeak Spooky once more. While waiting for a reaction she wipes down the bar once again, keeping an eye out for anything of hers she might have missed behind.

"Stand guard?" Lucas blinks, not understanding Ren's suggestion, and tilts his head. "Dunno whatcha mean, but... I don't got nowhere else t'be." ...Shouldn't he go after her or something? It seemed like she was pretty upset. He doesn't look unaffected, but he also doesn't look like he's even considering following the dragon-lady. When Tenna asks her question though, Lucas does put in a request for a refill on his vermouth before she goes. "Normal's under-rated, y'know." He adds in afterward, with a hint of a sigh.

Serenity relaxes back into the former posture. "I'm fine as-is, thank you," Ren replies to Tenna, then glances back toward the exit. "If a bit concerned." Her leave-taking after that gets a bemused nod from Ren, but no follow-up question about what exactly she's saying. Rather, Ren seems to shake off that thought before looking back to Lucas. "Hh. I thought... But I suppose I don't need to know any details, if Sun is trying to search for one daughter while protecting the other."

Tenna smiling happily at the two, the lady then takes her leave. Making sure to bring Spooky along for the ride. "Out we go into the night, the duo dynamic and full of might!" >SQUEEKYSQUEEK< "COME Sir Squeeks-a-lot! Let us adjourn to fulfill our mighty quest for food, snacks, and entertainment!!!" >SQUEEK< As she walks through the door she can be heard muttering, "Wanna rent a movie outta that Canary machine?" >SQUEEK<

With a bit of a shrug, Lucas offers another, weaker smile. "She seemed nice last week, but I don't really know her, aside from walkin her home th'other week. I might go check on her, but..." He coughs a bit, and fishes around for his refilled vermouth. "We're not close or anythin. If I guess that's whatcha mean." He shrugs, obviously trying to tiptoe around the subject, even if he says there's nothing there. "Does seem like she's in trouble, though, doesn't it?" ... Yeah, obviously.

Serenity leans out to the side for a look around Lucas to Tenna's departure, offers a wave of an 'arm' shaped from the fin, then straightens and returns eyes to Lucas. Ren nods to him. "I thought perhaps you'd offered to help already. I do hope that she'd ask for it, if she thought you could. But I'm afraid that I haven't known Sun for that long either."

Without much more expression than a shrug and a shake of his head, Lucas speaks his mind. "Hadn't. Not sure what I'd do anyway - but I'm sure I'll end up down on her end of town t'see if there's anythin I can do. Not sure how that'll go, though." The blind man gives a second shrug, then looks back to Ren. "Y've known her longer'n I have, so what chance do I have at knowin what's goin through her head?"

"Surely she'll appreciate your desire to help, if nothing else," Ren offers, extending a fin from the water to offer him a pat on the arm. "By the way, did you take care of your living arrangements successfully?"

"Hmm?" Lucas blinks at that question, and then nods quickly. "Oh yeah. Got the rent paid up t'next month, so I'm good for now. Thanks for askin." He smiles at Ren, and finishes his vermouth. "Free to wander about meanwhile, and all that."

"Hh, good," Ren says cheerily. "Sun had offered me an alternative, though one requiring some work, to my other choices of sleeping in the environment suit or living in a tent," Ren says, motioning a fin inward. "But Sun has bigger worries than that now..." Ren shrugs (or something of that sort not requiring shoulders) and motions to Lucas. "What sort of wandering are you doing, if I may ask?"

"Well..." Lucas tilts his head at Ren's inquisitiveness, and then shrugs a bit. "A friend of mine died a while back... I been tryin to find their grave, cuz I had things left unsaid... but so far, no luck." ... He's wandering through cemetaries, then? That doesn't sound creepy or anything. Serenity nods solemnly. "I noticed what I believe is a graveyard- a disturbingly large one, given the size of the city," Ren says. "If that is all the graves, shouldn't there be a database of the names and places?"

With a tiny chuckle, Lucas shrugs. "I dunno. I can't read." ... Oh yeah. "...But I go and feel the carvins on the gravestones, and they're different all the time, so I don't know if anythin can keep track of em all or not." He offers a small smile, and, having finished his vermouth, he gets to his feet and sighs a bit. "Think I'm gonna get back t'that for now, maybe check on Sun a lil later when maybe things've calmed down."

"Different?" Ren asks with a puzzled note, then says, "By all means, do explore the graveyard if that comforts you. But surely we could find out from a caretaker how to access the database?" Ren reaches up to touch the 'ear' cuff. "Even if it's lacking a voice interface for some reason, you'd be welcome to use my computer to access it."

There's a small nod, and Lucas shrugs. "They add new ones all the time, sometimes I can't find the old ones I used to use to get my bearins." That sounds... inconvenient. "Also... not sure how to use a computer without a voice interface, these days." He offers Ren a bit of a grin, and shrugs. "I'll figure somethin out. Thanks for the idea." And with that, he pays his tab. Looks like the blind man is leaving for the night.

The explanation of the cemetary gets a puzzled frown. To Lucas' grin, Serenity smiles in return and offers a pat on the back. "Do let me know if you need help." Ren motions a pair of fins toward him. "And when you'll be free for those dance lessons."

That last bit really does get a chuckle out of Lucas and he waves to Ren after that pat on the back, smiling. "I'll let you know when I get happy feet." ... That probably doesn't translate very well. "Have a good night, Ren." And with that, unless the mollusc stops him, Lucas will stride out of the Usual, and into legend! ... Or at least into Twisted.
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