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This is a test of the Emergency Hijacking System!

So while I have been traversing the internet, and doing my own thing, TwistedMUCK seems to have lost everyone.

That's okay.

I can fix this. :D

So in an effort to help breathe new life once again into this wondrous and magical place, I've sacrificed a lot of chickens for it.

Already the Comsys has been repaired, and it took 8 minutes, and if anyone cares to know how..

It's because Akari (Yes, Akari, as in Akari who created ProtoMUCK) has been very kind enough to allow me to worship her more and decided to offer some assistance in fixing the things that have been glaringly obvious since I started back in '07.

So, hopefully we get some things fixed that were half-assed or just ignored because we never had anyone dedicated enough to truly put the time and effort in to actually do what they were supposed to do.

I'm awesome. We've always known this. :D

So far, a very short list that has been fixed/will be fixed:

1.) Comsys - Took 8 minutes, and was an issue of frobbed players still being on the system and not removed.

2.) Vehicles - Akari already knows how to get this working and will be looking into it by this weekend.

3.) Spoof - Johnny and I were informed that it was pretty much impossible to have @emit, %r and %t added to the spoof system. Akari's already proven this to be a blatant lie. Expect this to be added in soon.

4.) @emit is now functional.

These are just a very small amount of things that have been taken care of in 1 night, and have been asked about for at least 4 years (most likely longer, since the game had been open for a few years before I even showed up.)

I'll proally be updating this thing with stuff like patchnotes, with the things that Akari is being so kind to fix for us.


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